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Tips for Becoming a Better Cook

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Trust me, I am in no way a Betty Crocker when it comes to cooking. For most of my life, cooking has not been something that I was very good at. But after having siblings cooking for me during my time of breast cancer, I have picked up a lot of tips from them. Now I find myself anxious to get in the kitchen a little more often, not because I have to but because I want to. These are perfect to eat after some action packed sports betting games via

Cook book – You probably have some sitting around just begging to be used. If not you can borrow some at your local library where there will be a variety to choose from.

Online recipes – With my Samsung tablet at the ready, I am always on the hunt in finding how to cook something in a different way. Some sites that come to mind are and At these websites you just key in what you want and then different recipes will come up.

Ask questions from an accomplished cook – Ask people who love to cook some of their favorite tips on making certain foods. You can even watch them to see exactly how they put a recipe together.

Watch cooking shows – There are numerous shows on cable networks that have world-renowned chefs sharing their culinary knowledge. Watch carefully how they cook various dishes.

Have proper utensils, cookware and bake ware available – If you’re really serious about cooking, you need the proper tools to get the job done successfully.

Keep pantry stocked – You never know when the urge to bake or cook something different will strike. When it does, you want to have an ample supply of ingredients on hand. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the mood to cook only to have your hopes dashed because you don’t have everything you need. Spices, soups, sugar and flour are just samples to have on hand for your convenience.

Be willing to have your food critiqued – If what you make isn’t always met with rave reviews, don’t let that detour you. Everything you cook isn’t always going to come out the way you want or enjoyed by those who eat it. Perhaps you left something out from the recipe or it just wasn’t good. I have many stories of my cooking nightmares.

Keep the counters clean – Make sure you have a clean surface when you are cooking and baking. It’s a good idea to clean as you go.


Have fun with learning new things in your culinary adventure. You might find out that with lots of practice you might even surprise yourself. Chow!!

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