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Simple Homemade Cleaning Supply Recipes

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Although keeping our households clean is a necessity, paying big bucks for expensive cleaners is not. Instead of spending money on commercial cleaning products, you can often use cheaper substitutes that cut costs.

One quick way to cut costs is buy replacing your general cleaners with a simple homemade mixture. If you want to disinfect your counters use tablespoon of bleach in a bottle of cold water (warm water denatures bleach). Remember to replace the water in the bottle each day. Another excellent general cleanser is vinegar. Using white vinegar can disinfect things quickly and safely, since the acid in it kills germs. As another option, consider making a solution with tea tree oil, and essential oil that is also a natural disinfectant. As another cheap option, hydrogen peroxide is another quick household disinfectant, although you must remember that it can discolor cloth and must be used carefully. Another side benefit of homemade cleansers is that many of them are safe to use around children since they lack some of the harmful chemicals in name-brand cleansers.

There are also many easy ways to cut costs on other cleaning projects as well. For instance, instead of buying commercial detergent for you washing machine, consider making your own simple detergent instead. Tipnut.com has an excellent collection of simple recipes to try that will take only a few minutes to prepare. Instead of using fabric softener, use vinegar; it is cheaper and works just as well. Instead of buying dishwashing liquid, check out thiftyfun.com for some great ideas about making your own. Many of these recipes require only a few simple ingredients and a few minutes of time, but could add up to hundreds of dollar of savings. And if you are still looking for more ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive 슬롯 사이트 online.

If you are looking for a scrubbing powder, consider using salt and baking soda instead. These two items work just as well and save you the cost and heavy chemical smell. Baking soda is also a great deodorizer. Another great option is Dr. Bronner’s soap, which is a cheap soap that comes in large bottles. You can dilute a few drops in a bucket of water for your scrubbing, or use this delightful soap in your washing machine.

If you want to clean a specific item, consider browsing the internet for other quick and easy ways to clean so that you don’t waste cash on pricey name-brand cleansers. Instead, take a few minutes and test out some of these recipes today!

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